Appliance update: texisScripts-22.4.0, applianceman-22.4.0

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Appliance update: texisScripts-22.4.0, applianceman-22.4.0

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Two new updates are available for the appliance: texisScripts-22.4.0 and applianceman-22.4.0. texisScripts-22.4.0 provides the following:

* Added Additional Links as a Data From Field target, which creates more links to be walked. This allows Data from Field to create new links -- not just edit data. This can be useful when certain links from a page are not present, but can be programmatically derived from information on the page with search-and-replace.

* Fixed google content feeds not updating parametric fields when modifying existing records

* Fix infield () operator with metasearch, including single value and XML output of query info

* Renamed Protocols to URL Protocols for clarity

applianceman-22.4.0 updates the documentation.

Both updates are available via the System -> System Setup -> Update Software menu.
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