multiple virtual hosts with vhttpd

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multiple virtual hosts with vhttpd

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Hello Again!

Is there any way to have name based virtual hosts with vhttpd? I have a client who would like to make another instance of his current site. Of course, he doesn't want to have to get another machine to do this on. He's currently running vhttpd (which I like alot.) I guess we could switch to apache and lose the performance benefits of vhttpd, but I'd rather not do that. Is it possible to keep this all vhttpd?

Also, how does this impact the licensing? If he *does* end up getting a new machine to run his new instance of his site, can he still do all of this off of the same license?

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multiple virtual hosts with vhttpd

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vhttpd doesn't currently support name-based virtual hosts directly. You could however check the $HTTP_HOST variable in an entry script, and redirect to another server on another port on the same machine (or simply <spew> the page directly in the entry script).

Licensing is not an issue, as the Texis license allows any number of machines (it's overall hits and largest DB that count).
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