Custom XSL stops working - take two

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Custom XSL stops working - take two

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When i create a new profile as a copy of an existing profile which has custom XSL, when trying do run a search, i get the following error :

XMLException Type is: XMLPlatformException Message is: Could not determine base pathname of the file

018 search4.src:2159: XSLT translator error: 118 <EXEC> command /usr/local/bin/testXSLT returned exit code 253 Reading input document from stdin...

Re-uploading the custom XSL fixes the problem.

This happens with texisscripts 6.2.21-2 and 6.2.23
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Custom XSL stops working - take two

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I've verified the problem here - this will be fixed in a future scripts update. We'll let you know when it's available.

It's also worth noting that the live search can be fixed just by checking "Revert Appearance" and hitting "Update", so you don't have to download & re-upload the stylesheet.
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