License Violation: Max Texis Version

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License Violation: Max Texis Version

Post by andrea.schneider »

I'm doing some testing with new profile on our test server and since a few minute Webintaor doesn't work anymore. It gives me a license error "Max Texis Version".
If I look to the info page I see these entries:

Current hits a day:
16,495 since Jul 14 2010 09:49:25 CEST

Previous days:
Jul 13: 35,304

Highest hits a day: 35,304
Maximum hits a day: 25,000
Current table rows: 0
Maximum table rows: 50,000

Why is it not working anymore? I see, there were too many hits yesterday, but not today. If one day has too many hits, does it violate the license forever?
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License Violation: Max Texis Version

Post by mark »

Max Texis Version is not related to hits. That would typically occur if you install a newer Texis than you are licensed for.

To handle license issues open a ticket on the Support page. Be sure to include your license serial number from the output of
texis -license
or from that info page.
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