Texis engine issue

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Texis engine issue

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We are facing issues while installing texis(Version:5.01.1233959086) engine.Previously texis was installed on the same server and we were able to get the output of texis commands like "texis -version" etc. But suddenly when we run any texis commands, we get following errors:

For example, while checking texis -version we are getting following error-

$ texis -version

Texis Web Script (Vortex) Copyright (c) 1996-2009 Thunderstone - EPI, Inc.
Unknown Version 5.01.1233959086 20090206 (i686-unknown-linux2.4.9-64-32)

000 Texis Monitor process failed: returned exit code 12: Named pipe failed
000 Cannot get config settings.


If we uninstall and start with a fresh install then while installing we are getting below mentioned errors:

Stopping monitor processes.....done
Checking dir with a web fetch...*** Failed ***

006 Cannot connect to NYCVSDF1S001:80: Connection refused
Can't connect(1) to NYCVSDF1S001:80 : Connection refused

The web server for this hostname does not appear to be running.
Make sure it has been started, or try another server on this machine.


Please help to resolve this issue at the earliest.
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Texis engine issue

Post by mark »

Be sure you're always running texis as the correct non-root user and that your disk isn't full.

Look in monitor.log to see if there are more detailed errors.
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