Keeps going back to login page

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Keeps going back to login page

Post by harold »

I have been running Webinator 4.3-Unix-w/plugin for a VERY long time. Now, on the Admin page, I can log in, get to a walk setting page, ask it to update the settings, and I get back to the login page (and the new settings were not saved).

I've tried this on Chrome and Firefox. Just tried it on IE and found it works! I guess I can use IE for this, though I rarely use it.



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Keeps going back to login page

Post by jason112 »

Old webinator sets the login cookie via a <meta> html tag instead of a HTTP header, which modern browsers no longer support. So after you log in you see a successful page, and your browser doesn't keep the cookie around for the next request - which tells you to log in again.

Using IE for the admin interface is a fine workaround, or you can update to the latest version which has this fixed.
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