Linux server with two versions of Webinator

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Linux server with two versions of Webinator

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We have a Centos 7 server that is currently running Webinator 6, and we want to update to Webinator 23, but since it will take a while to get our modifications of the search script working with Webinator 23, we would like to have both versions working on the same server independently.

Each version is in it's own private directory, one directory called webinator6 and the other called webinator23, and the cgi-bin calls are to cgi-bin/6/ and cgi-bin/23/ directories.

The installation and site walks with the new addition of Webinator 23 went fine, and we can do a little bit of searching and tweaking before something goes haywire and both versions suddenly fail with a license error message saying that the number of database rows has been exceeded.

What can we do to completely isolate these two Webinator versions from each other?
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Linux server with two versions of Webinator

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It may not be possible to completely isolate the two versions as they do use a shared memory segment, so the license information is shared, and if either version reports a problem they will both see it.

Are the two versions trying to access the same database at all? The new version will create databases that might cause problems for the old version.

You should make sure the new version runs first, and has the new license installed as there is a daemon that runs that understands the new license, but if the old version runs first it will have the old license that will cause problems for the new version.
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