Appliance update: texisScripts-26.0.0, applianceman-26.0.0

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Appliance update: texisScripts-26.0.0, applianceman-26.0.0

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A new set of appliance updates is available: texisScripts-26.0.0 and applianceman-26.0.0.

texisScripts-26.0.0 provides the following:
  • Added more Access Control Lists for admin interface sections
  • Added Host Aliases setting, for when one site is a copy of (or redirects to) another site
  • Canonical URLs now respect Placeholders=Y, storing a placeholder of the non-canonical URL found. This helps indexing multiple sites with cross-site links to non-canonical pages
  • file:// walks are now more robust when file server goes down and returns during same walk: URLs attempted after the server comes back up should now succeed, instead of potentially failing due to re-use of stale connection
  • Query autocomplete no longer disabled by setting Allow Wildcards=N
  • Now better handles character sets in dataload requests that don't explicitly specify <Charset> in Items
  • Changed password configuration inputs to use autocomplete=new-password instead of 'off' to avoid overly aggressive browser password managers
  • Added placeholder input for Base URL, instead of default http:// value
  • Re-Schedule Walks fixes: was not properly maintaining Schedule Rewalk Type; now confirms actions before applying; now applies query log rotation schedules too; now properly removes vestigial schedules for already-deleted profiles; now properly removes schedules improperly applied to other dowalk paths
applianceman-26.0.0 updates the documentation for this release.

Note: All of these updates are currently only available for Gen3 (2013+) and later appliances, pending a future thunderstonePatch update for older appliances.
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