What does that "testdb" folder do?

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Mr. Bigglesworth
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What does that "testdb" folder do?

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A strange one here.

We were bringing over some code modules over from an older machine, in attempt to upgrade our hardware, and were having troubles running our compiled vortex scripts.

It seemed that our modules weren't compiling correctly on the new box for whatever reason, and since this was a production machine, which only needed the final, compiled scripts anyway, we tried the -wipelib command on the syslib table.

Well, for whatever reason the command simply "hung" when we ran texis.exe -wipelib, so instead we renamed the "testdb" folder under morph3/texis/, so as to hide the syslib table. Remarkably enough, once we did that things seemed to work.

My question is: what trouble have we given ourselves by not having the testdb folder anymore?
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What does that "testdb" folder do?

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As long as you've defined a different (existing) database as the default database in your texis.cnf file, it should be alright; this default database is used for modules, etc. However, I would suggest re-creating the testdb database anyway with creatdb in case anything does use it.
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