Webinator, WinNT and Apache

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Webinator, WinNT and Apache

Post by eko »

While running Apache as SYSTEM Service under WindowsNT everything works fine.

When I tried to start Apache as a service with "Log on as ...", texis does not execute scripts while gw is updating database. The resulting page is:

Texis Web Script (Vortex) Copyright © 1996-1998 Thunderstone - EPI, Inc.
Free Webinator Version 2.5.908376588 of Okt 14, 1998


When gw finished the work, texis execute this script without any problems
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Webinator, WinNT and Apache

Post by John »

With that version of Webinator you may have permissions issues if the "Log on as " user is different than the user you are running gw as.
John Turnbull
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