2.5 Release & MetaWebinator Search

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2.5 Release & MetaWebinator Search

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Webinator 2.5 was quietly released about 2 weeks ago.

Upgrades from version 2.0 should cause no hassles.

Reverse compatibility to the 1.0 user interface is no longer supported though.

2.5 has a much improved interface which contains many new features.

The search speed has been increased by a significant margin too.

Free upgrades for recent 2.0 Commercial Webinator customers will be made
available. Another announcement will follow giving details for those
customers later today.


A parallel metasearch engine written in Texis Webscript (Vortex) and runnable
with the Webinator 2.5 /cgi-bin/texis program is available for free
at http://www.thunderstone.com/texis/demos/meta/ .

This engine searches: Excite, Infoseek, Inktomi, Lycos, Thunderstone,
and Yahoo by default, but may be modified to make a Metasearch out
of just about any data resource you can point it at.

A parser generator tool is also available from the URL above to aid in
the creation of the regular-expressions required to parse apart other
result pages. Modification is probably out of range for the complete novice,
but a seasoned Unix admin should have no real problems.

The same code was used as the basis for DOGPILE.COM, which serves more than
1 million hits a day.

Have Fun,

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