Search Engine article omits Webinator

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Search Engine article omits Webinator

Post by banneker »

In the September issue of Web Techniques there's a nice two-page article called "Finding the Right Search Engine." The article talks about general ideas and lists a number of Webinator's competitors, but says not a word about Webinator.

Web Techniques is a good magazine. How could they have left Webinator out? Does anybody know if this was intentional, or a personal thing, or what?
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Search Engine article omits Webinator

Post by doran »

It's probably just because magazine writers often don't have time to research their subject thoroughly.

They also are inundated by calls and mail from vendors looking for publicity, and they discount or ignore much of what they hear from that direction. So Thunderstone has relatively little influence over what gets written.

Writers tend to give more attention, and credence, to suggestions by readers. Perhaps some Webinator users would like to tell that publication or others about your experience.
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