Metasearch and Fast adhoc web log analysis in Webinator.

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Metasearch and Fast adhoc web log analysis in Webinator.

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The metasearch example shown in the Webinator examples has been modified.
Lycos changed its URL and result HTML format. If you've already edited the
script to look like your site, just cut the old <init> function out
and paste in the new one.


We added another useful script to the Webinator examples. This one allows
you to generate quickie reports from your site's web logs in real time.
The program reads your log from the end towards the beginning and produces the
following stats: total hits, hits by user, hits by url, hits by referrer,
and hits by browser type.

Each of the report types generate a hyperlink that gives specific details
for each transaction type. Its a really good way to track down abusers and
potential problem areas. Default reports are for the last minute, but
granular intervals up to 1 week are also available.

The program works with with the Apache style combined log format, but
could be changed to work with other formats as well.

For both the Metasearch and The Log program see:

Have Fun,

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