Migration to w2k

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Migration to w2k

Post by bernhard.neubauer »

we migrate from NT4 SP6a to W2k SP3.
System information:
> System: Dual CPU, 1.33 NT4CPU, 1 G Ram, Winnt 4 SP6a
> Webinator: Commercial
> Texis: Texis Monitor version 04.00.1017771124
> Intranet. No possibility to connect the internet.

Do we need any upgrades, patches or so?
Where can i find new scripts for admin, dowalk or search?
Is there anything else we have to be aware of?

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Migration to w2k

Post by John »

The Webinator you have will work just as well under W2K as NT4, so you do not need any upgrades or patches. The latest versions of the scripts can be found by following the "Example Scripts" link from the Webinator homepage.
John Turnbull
Thunderstone Software
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