CGI on Windows 2000

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CGI on Windows 2000

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I am working on a windows 2000 server. How can I test to see if the cgi is working correctly? I wrote a simple script "test.cgi" below and it does not work when placed in the script directory. What am I missing?


print "Content-type:text/plain","\n\n";

<html><head><title>Test Page</title></head>\n;
<h2>Hello, world!</h2>\n;
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CGI on Windows 2000

Post by John »

The simplest method if it looks as if you have your virtual directories set up correctly would be to put texis.exe in that directory, and then access it as:


If you get a file not found, then the virtual directory is not known to IIS.

If it asks you to download the file then you do not have execute permissions set.

If you get the texis version displayed then it is correctly installed.
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