"Document not Found"

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"Document not Found"

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The error table has an Url with reason='Document not found',however that page is present on the site and there is no broken link to this from any of the pages.,

Any Ideas...,
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"Document not Found"

Post by mark »

When gw tried to fetch that page the webserver returned a 404 Document not found to gw. Perhaps it was not there at the time gw asked for it. Find the time with
gw -st "select convert(id,'date'),Url,Reason from error where Url='YOUR_URL_HERE'"
and check your webserver's access and error logs for that time.

See the manual, http://www.thunderstone.com/site/gw25man/node100.htm , to find how to determine what page caused gw to fetch the one in error.

The error table only gets cleared when you -wipe or create a new database that does not already exist.
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