Configuration without web-gui

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Configuration without web-gui

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a set of questions.
1. Where are the Profiles saved?
2. How can i disable the web-gui?
3. Is there a more detailed guide than the "Webinator WWW Site Indexer Version 4.3" ?
Thanks and sorry if i have any information overlook.

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Configuration without web-gui

Post by mark »

I assume you're referring to Webinator.

1. In the options table of the default database. See ... File+Usage (towards the bottom)

2. a) Put a good password on it and never use it. b) edit "webinatoradmin" in the function "<a name=gui>" add "<exit>" before "<perm>".

3. No. The manual pretty much covers all supported features. If you have specific questions post them here. For hacking, see the dowalk and webinatoradmin and search scripts. There are comments inside.
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