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Thunderstone Search Appliance Help

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2004 5:20 pm
by todd.defrane
I'm demo'ing the Search Appliance and I would like to know how to tap into the API. We need to have several websites pull the search results remotely and not force them to actually have the web pages served from the Search Appliance. Does anyone have any tips on where I might start looking for this? There is no documentation on this.

Thunderstone Search Appliance Help

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2004 5:46 pm
by mark
Under search settings select a result style of "XSL Stylesheet". Click "Default Live" to get the default sheet. If desired customize it and upload into "XSL File".

Thunderstone Search Appliance Help

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2004 10:14 am
by doran
Or use XML.

1. In the search settings, set result style to XSL, also click Apply Appearance and submit Update.

2. Go to "live" search and do a query. Look at the URL of the results page. Change dropXSL= to dropXSL=1 which will make it return XML. For example, http://APPLIANCE/texis/search?pr=Profil ... uery=query

If you use that syntax for querying the appliance, you could process the result however desired.