Error on walk with Webinator 4.3

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Error on walk with Webinator 4.3

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I receive errors like: Can't connect to Connection refused.
I installed the free version. Our firewall lets the server connect to your license server. In the log file I see succesfull connection to the licence server.

The old gw program produces no errors and seems to create the index: gw -dtestdb

But this will create the old database and i can't query it with nthe new search-interface.

Now, what can i do???
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Error on walk with Webinator 4.3

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"Connection refused" would indicate that the server you're trying to walk is offline or is specifically rejecting connections from the machine where you have Webinator installed. From the command line (shell prompt, or dos prompt) on the machine where Webinator is installed try
telnet 80
and see if you get refused or not.
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