Installation on Hosted Webserver and Licensing

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Dave Long
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Installation on Hosted Webserver and Licensing

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I use a local webserver for development and the installation of the free version seems to have gone fine. However, I need to move this program up to a hosting service's shared webserver.

First question: Assuming I can persuade them to let me install the program, I noticed several posts about a licensing server being queried. Since I have many websites with this particular company I want to be up front with them about the traffic involved. How often does the licensing query take place? Every query? Once a day?

Second question: If everything is installed correctly on their shared server, I assume that I can index more than one site on that server, correct? The "base" installation files will be the same and it is just a different profile that I point to in each website. Does this affect the licensing since there would be different URLs involved?

Thanks for the help.
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Installation on Hosted Webserver and Licensing

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Typically the license server is contacted once a day.

You can create as many profiles as you want with a single installation and shared base files.
John Turnbull
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