Recommended compiler: Win32 CGI development.

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Recommended compiler: Win32 CGI development.

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Current Texis server environment:
SGI Irix (6.5.21m)
Compiler - SGI 'C'
CGI - All custom 'C' apps, no webinator/vortex etc.
WWW Server - Apache 2

Proposed server environment:
HP DL585 (Quad Opteron)
Windows Server 2003
WWW Server - Apache 2

Can someone recommend a compiler (I still need to use the API rather than webinator/vortex) due to fairly advanced application logic for the particular system.

I'm guessing that the API for Win32 is delivered as a DLL, so I could possibly use a different language environment (note that I'd never consider VB!), but would consider Delphi perhaps.

Thanks in advance,

-- Dave.
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Recommended compiler: Win32 CGI development.

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The API for Win32 is actually delivered as a .lib library that you can link with. It is generated using Microsoft Visual Studio. We ship versions which link against the DLL and the non-DLL C runtime library.
John Turnbull
Thunderstone Software
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