Redhat 9 install fails

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Redhat 9 install fails

Post by mvkersell0 »

I'm trying to install Free Webinator on a Linux server running Redhat 9 (so I'm told).
It fails with this error:
> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > What is the extension for CGI URLs (the filename extension of the program)?
> > This may be .cgi if your CGI programs are named like "mysearch.cgi" in URLs.
> > Or it may be "none" if you have a dedicated CGI dir and URL instead.
> >
> > CGI extension [ENTER for none]: .cgi
> > Stopping monitor processes.....done
> > Checking dir with a web fetch...*** Failed ***
> > 000 Cannot get address for host `': Unknown error in the
> > function: setaddr
> > Can't connect(1) to : Success
> >
> > The web server for does not appear to be running.
> > Make sure it has been started, or try another server on this machine.
> >
> > Press ENTER to continue:
> >

My admin guy seems baffled. Can you offer any suggestions as to why I can't get past this point in the install script?

Thanks in advance.

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Redhat 9 install fails

Post by mark »

Apparently that machine doesn't know itself by the name If that is how the machine is known to the rest of the network then that machine is incorrectly setup. It should know itself by the same name as others on the network do.

Earlier in the install it asks for the url prefix for your machine. You just need to use any working name for the machine. "localhost" will work for most.
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