nested frames

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nested frames

Post by tboyer »

I'm fetching a page that contains a frame containing nested frames that actually contain the content.

If I fetch the page and <send $ret>, all the content displays in the browser.

But I can't seem to access the page content in Vortex for the nested frames so I can't extract information out of them.

<urlcp getframes on> is not helpful because I need data that is inside tags and that only provides the frame text via <urltext>. the ignore anchorframes switch also
doesn't work because the main frame contains a couple of (useless) buttons.

I seem to recall there used to be a "noframes" option or something that would just glom all the frames togehter into a single page for parsing.

Thanks in advance.

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nested frames

Post by mark »

To get the sources of the sub-frames you'll need to turn off getframes/getiframes. Then the use <urlinfo frames> to list the frame urls so you can fetch those individually.
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