update indirect field index

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update indirect field index

Post by tboyer »

Hi, sorry if I missed this in docs, but I'm not clear on what I need to do to keep an indirect field index up to date if the underlying file contents change.

I'm using texis 7, I have created a metamorph index on the indirect field. Searching works fine but if I add words to the underlying files, the search results don't reflect that.

I tried refreshing the metamorph index the old way (create metamorph index etc) and the new way (alter index optimize), and search results still not reflecting the changes.

I'm wondering, do I have to change something in the table and THEN alter index to get Texis to re-check the file contents?

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update indirect field index

Post by Kai »

For indirects, Texis does not track when the files themselves change; it is assumed they only change when the Texis field is updated. Thus updating the index does nothing, since Texis thinks nothing has changed.

So whenever changing an indirect file's contents, SQL-update the indirect field as well (even to the same indirect file name, doesn't matter, as long as it goes through a SQL UPDATE of that field for that row).
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