Appliance update: texis-7.07.15631..., texisScripts-22.4.1

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Appliance update: texis-7.07.15631..., texisScripts-22.4.1

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Two appliances updates are available: texis-7.07.15631... and texisScripts-22.4.1. texis-7.07.15631... provides the following:

* Certain fetch/crawl messages -- e.g. `Cannot convert charset ...' and possibly other formatting messages -- may have appeared out-of-order or otherwise not been properly associated with the page they were generated on, especially with Threads set to other than 1; fixed

* Enhanced compatibility with unusual internal structures of Microsoft OfficeOpen XML files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx)

* Fixed CLOB columns not displaying properly with latest Oracle JDBC driver, for DB Walker

* Relevance-ranked searches with incorrect @ terms (e.g. aa @bb) may have caused an ABEND, especially in abstract; fixed

* `Query would require post-processing' and/or `Index ...xmmcounterbestbetskeywords is not Metamorph inverted' error was sometimes issued for Best Bets queries; fixed

* Attachments in PDF files are now separated and parsed, for x86_64-based platforms

* Specifying an intersects (@N) value in a query that was too high (impossible to match) would prevent any matches, if linear/post-process search needed; fixed

* A ranked query with Require All Words set to N that requires post-processing may miss some documents due to Require All Words N not being respected by certain post-processing; e.g. foo bar NoSuchWord finds docs with just foo bar, but with Proximity e.g. line it does not; fixed

* Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1c for crawling HTTPS URLs

texisScripts-22.4.1 provides the following:

* Test Fetch now properly shows source of links that are from Data from Field - Additional Links

* A Test Fetch of a page with offsite links was showing them as Rejected: Not in allow list even when Off-Site Pages was set to 'Y'; fixed

* Fixed manually checking v22.0 Upgrade Data thinking profiles always need repairing

* Fixed help icons in the Check Version Upgrade Actions interface

* ETX/Ctrl-C separator for multipart documents is now just between parts, not after every part

* Handle guessed titles (PDF Title Action) with new multipart-MIME PDF output from anytotx plugin

* Dashboard might give incomplete time errors if web server log(s) are truncated; fixed

Both updates are available via the System -> System Setup -> Update Software menu, and should be applied together.
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