Appliance update: texisScripts-22.5.0, applianceman-22.5.0

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Appliance update: texisScripts-22.5.0, applianceman-22.5.0

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There are two updates now available for the appliance: texisScripts-22.5.0 and applianceman-22.5.0.

texisScripts-22.5.0 contains the following features and fixes:

* Performance Logging setting added (on by default) that logs performance statistics during walks; can be used to aid diagnosing slow walks or other performance issues

* Fixed issue where unauthorized users could download duplicate list from a walk

* Fixed `View Task Detail' showing unknown ExitReason [EMPTY_WALKDB] in rare error scenario

* Fixed `Search these answers' where both queries are numeric

* Downloading errors and duplicates now saves to an appropriate unique filename, similar to backups

* Show Errors and Show Duplicates were listing earlier errors and duplicates when only latest walk selected

applianceman-22.5.0 brings the documentation up to date with texisScripts-22.5.0.

Both of these updates are available via the System -> System Setup -> Update Software menu.
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