Appliance update: texisScripts-22.5.3

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Appliance update: texisScripts-22.5.3

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A new appliance update is available: texisScripts-22.5.3. It contains the following fixes:

* Fixed syntax error at noarsset error in response of some dataload deletions

* Add inode usage to disk space display.

* Fixed Performance Logging creating too many log files during a single walk

* Fixed empty Set parametric fields being replicated as a single newline string

* Fixed Results Authorization Basic/NTLM/file - prompt via form search: may have prompted for credentials on the second and later pages of results too, instead of just once. Workaround for older releases is to use Results Style XSL Stylesheet, or an older (pre-2018) browser than supports <meta http-equiv> cookies.

* First text box (e.g. query) on some forms now has automatic focus when appropriate, for quicker use

* Url-modifying settings like Strip Queries and Sort Query Vars now apply to URLs acquired through Page URL, URL URL, and Page File

The update is available via the System -> System Setup -> Update Software menu.
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