Appliance update: texisScripts-22.6.0, applianceman-22.6.0

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Appliance update: texisScripts-22.6.0, applianceman-22.6.0

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Two new appliance updates are now available: texisScripts-22.6.0 and applianceman-22.6.0. texisScripts-22.6.0 provides the following features:

* SAML/ADFS authentication now supported for crawls. ADFS SSO logins that use HTTP Redirect and/or HTTP Post bindings should now be supported for website crawls, when Login Info credentials are supplied.

Other fixes and enhancements include:

* Javascript dropinEndpoint now santizes the specified callback

* Fixed javascript dropin passing along link-provided callback value

* Setting Disable Walks with a running walk will now let the running walk fully finish

* Renamed Disable Walks and Disable All Walks to Disable Starting Walks and Disable Starting All Walks to help clarify behavior

* Added warning when setting Disable Starting Walks or Disable Starting All Walks while walks are running that the walks will be allowed to finish

* Editing Security Groups no longer uses a html multiselect widget

* Test Fetch Options now always shown expanded

* Added some popup links to Test Fetch to decode some data in trace messages, e.g. base64, SAML/ADFS data

* Added robots.txt button to Test Fetch

* Added Re-fetch link to Test Fetch to enable repeated re-fetching with F5 in browser, without having to confirm form re-submission every time

The applianceman-22.6.0 update brings the documentation up to date.

These updates are available via the System -> System Setup -> Update Software menu.
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