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Appliance update: texisScripts-23.0.0, texis-7.07.1596560052, applianceman-23.0.0

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 2:58 pm
by Kai
Several new appliance updates are now available: texisScripts-23.0.0, texis-7.07.1596560052, applianceman-23.0.0.

texisScripts-23.0.0 provides the following improvements:

* Performance improvements: Enhancements to speed walking of heavily-linked sites

* Support Command: Adds the ability for Thunderstone support to securely provide repairs to customers who are unable to provide Thunderstone network access to the appliance

* SOAP access to Query Log: The Appliance SOAP API gains access to the Query Log, which can now be downloaded via SOAP.

* Caveat: Execute Javascript now defaults to N in new profiles, to minimize reported errors/spurious links

* Made error message more clear when attempting to launch a walk when Disable Starting Walks is set

* Fixed viewing the manual on the appliance printing an error when Admin Access IPs is used

* Fixed Firefox using saved login credentials from its Password Manager in various configuration screens

* Improved appliance behavior in incorrectly configured redundant replication scenarios

* Fixed replicating to multiple hosts with urls that have both errors and data sometimes not sending the data to one of the hosts

* Added Admin Banner to System Wide Settings

* Added Login Expiration to System Wide Settings, for customizing expiration of login cookies

* Added support for circular replication (A sends to B, B sends to A) for more automatically redundant setups

* Improved error message when !FOLLOW_LINKS Primer URL has no links to follow

The texis update provides:

* Fixed message `Internal error: largest blobi data at wrong offset' that may occur, especially during indexing. If this message was seen, profiles should be rewalked (after upgrading to this texis package or later), to ensure pages with the message are properly indexed.

* Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1g for page fetching: security fix CVE-2020-1967. Issue only affects versions never distributed to Thunderstone Appliances, but upgrading is recommended anyway for general improvements/fixes.

* Caveat: AutoCAD .dwg filter will no longer be updated nor provided with this and future updates, and tech support for it ends. Pre-existing installations with it should continue to be able to walk .dwg files however.

* A keywords-in-query Best Bet Match Mode setting with an invalid Best Bet Keywords (e.g. Best Bet keywords "OR" with Keep Noise Words set to N) could cause the query to ABEND; fixed. Workaround in previous texis packages is to set Keep Noise Words to Y if the keywords are all noise, or alter the keywords to not be all noise, or change match mode to query-in-keywords, or disable Best Bets.

* Certain search timeouts may have added Status: 500 Timeout or the like to the text of the timeout; fixed

* A search timeout might sometimes print Content-Type or other headers as content; fixed

* Some relevance-ranked queries with unindexable terms and Require All Words off might be too restrictive

* DNS cache (e.g. during walks) improved to be somewhat more efficient and not expire entries as often

applianceman-23.0.0 updates the documentation.

These updates are available via the System -> System Setup -> Update Software menu.