Appliance update: texisScripts-23.1.1, texis-7.07.1607548620, applianceman-23.1.0

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Appliance update: texisScripts-23.1.1, texis-7.07.1607548620, applianceman-23.1.0

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Several new updates are now available for appliances: texisScripts-23.1.1, texis-7.07.1607548620, and applianceman-23.1.0.

The major feature for these updates is that walking network shares (i.e. SMB/CIFS filesystems) can now be done without the need to mount them on the appliance, i.e. the Network Shares interface is no longer needed in most circumstances. All that is required is credentials added to the profile's Login Info setting, and the new profile setting Network Share Access Method set to Current (which is the default for new profiles in this update and later).

Existing profiles will continue to walk via the mounted Network Shares, as will Gen1 (early model) appliances (those with an i686-... Texis version), which do not support this new feature. Additionally, SMBv2/SMBv3 support is added in this release (also for non-Gen1 appliances only), and SMBv1 is turned off by default for new profiles (re-enabled via the Network Share Protocols setting).

Other fixes and features in the texisScripts-23.1.1 update include:
  • Fixed line wrapping when displaying Support Command descriptions
  • Improved breadcrumbs when viewing task logs
  • Renamed Notify walk setting to End of Walk Email
  • Fixed some gen3 appliances not showing physical drive details on the System Information RAID tab.
  • Removed Entropy Source setting and prngd behavior, no longer applicable on modern platforms
  • Fixed profile deletion screen always using the default theme
  • Fixed Next Pages to be Processed sometimes being empty if the status is loaded exactly when a walk is finished
  • Fixed dowalk/login.html printing a non-functional login form when accessing via a disallowed location or protocol
  • Fixed creating Categories from List/Edit URLs getting incorrect category URL patterns
  • Suppressed Not fetching off-site page error when Off-Site Components is N (in conjunction with texis-7.07.160... or later update)
  • Fixed primer URL failures causing refresh walks to hang until they succeed
  • Fixed metasearch not propagating results authorization cookies from backend profiles if the frontend meta profile isn't set to use results authorization
  • Fixed Rank Bias setting display with no integer parametric fields available
The texis-7.07.1607548620 provides support for the new network share crawling features, as well as:
  • Suppressed Not fetching off-site page error when Off-Site Components is N (in conjunction with texisScripts-23.1.0 or later update)
The applianceman-23.1.0 updates the documentation.

These updates are available via the System -> System Setup -> Update Software menu.
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