Appliance update: texisScripts-25.2.0, applianceman-25.2.0, texis-8.01.1673380933

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Appliance update: texisScripts-25.2.0, applianceman-25.2.0, texis-8.01.1673380933

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A new set of appliance updates is available: texisScripts-25.2.0, applianceman-25.2.0, texis-8.01.1673380933.

texisScripts-25.2.0 provides the following:
  • Improved error handling when parts of creating a profile fail. Would sometimes print the UI multiple times
  • Dashboard will no longer accumulate errors if refreshing the Document Usage Overview repeatedly fails
  • Added Always Refresh Listing Pages, allows for more reliably discovering new content in refresh walks
  • Updated Phishing Protection implementation, now on by default for new profiles
  • Do datafromfield on each pluginsplit part
  • Added bestbet management to the admin SOAP API
  • Added SSL Allow Unsafe Renegotiation setting to allow unsafe SSL legacy renegotiation, optionally with warning (default). Allows older https servers (that do not support secure renegotiation) to be crawled with texis-8.01.1667348496 and later releases (which disabled legacy renegotiation by default). Note that support may be removed in a future release, as it is dependent on OpenSSL support. If possible, walked servers should be upgraded to support secure renegotiation (RFC 5746).
An earlier texisScripts-25.1.0 update provides the following (included with 25.2.0):
  • Walks now shouldn't pick up Plugin Split parts in a Refresh walk
  • Restoring a backup of an existing profile will now always replicate a full "addProfile" command, in case the profile doesn't exist on a replication target
  • Replication Tools' "Send Profile Settings" now sends Best Bets too
  • file:// crawls no longer print smbclienthead trace/debug messages for Verbosity > 2; must set Trace Settings smbdebuglevel > 0
  • Test Fetch might not print the IP Address (or might print the incorrect one) for the host of the URL if it is in brackets (IPv6 address) or followed by a colon and port; fixed. Final URL IP Address was probably never printed; fixed. Test Fetch now mentions that Verbosity is set to 4, regardless of profile setting.
  • Added File URL Get Owner Headers setting to get file:// URL owner and group SID and name headers (requires texis-8.01.1669072604 or later, to be released 1Q 2023)
  • Fixed Table refs not found error when performing a Test Fetch with system default settings
  • Schedule column in the Profile list now properly includes walks with custom Rewalk Types, no longer includes scheduled Query Log rotations
  • Indexing a file server will no longer attempt to fetch '/robots.txt' for the host
  • dataload now properly rejects empty URL insertions
  • file:// URLs with query strings or anchors were causing errors when crawled; fixed
  • Replication Status now shows if it starts a replication sender task
applianceman-25.2.0 updates the documenation.

texis-8.01.1673380933 provides the following:
  • Support for new File URL Get Owner Headers setting on some platforms (Gen2, Gen3)
Note: All of these updates are currently only available for Gen3 (2013+) and later appliances, pending a future thunderstonePatch update for older appliances.
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