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Appliance update: texisScripts-26.1.0, texis-8.01.1684793255, applianceman-26.1.0, thunderstonePatch-2.21

Posted: Wed May 31, 2023 2:50 pm
by Kai
A new set of appliance updates is available: texisScripts-26.1.0, texis-8.01.1684793255, applianceman-26.1.0, and thunderstonePatch-2.21.

texisScripts-26.1.0 provides the following:
  • Fixed many self-links (query logging clickUrls, cache content, search RSS, etc) when accessing the appliance behind a forwarding proxy
  • Fixed Cannot insert value when indexing encounters certain extremely long, malformed URLs
  • replication sender no longer affected by Protocols walk setting
  • Changes to reduce Connection reset/closed? false-positive errors that terminate requests early; may also miss some true-positive client connection resets
texis-8.01.1684793255 provides:
  • Texis monitor was not completely dropping root privileges when run as root but file-setuid non-root (real user remained root, though effective was non-root); fixed
applianceman-26.1.0 updates the documentation for this release.

thunderstonePatch-2.21 provides:
  • Disable broken partial TLSv1.3 support for Apache httpd & Webmin until fully supported by both.
Note: All of these updates are currently only available for Gen3 (2013+) and later appliances, pending a future thunderstonePatch update for older appliances.

Updates can be found via the System -> System Setup -> Update Software menu item.