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alternate Db problem

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 1998 2:14 pm
by Thunderstone


I read the docs and the list archives, but I can't get the search script
to query a different db (not the default one).
I have the default one under /home/httpd/html/webinator/db
I can get to it by going to: ... or/search/
No problems there.

Then I created a different Db under /index/mydb
So I tried getting to it via ... ch?db=mydb
didn't work and I thought that is because the script is looking for
something under webinator directory.
So I tried getting to this new db via: ... index/mydb
That didn't work either.

Then I created a symbolic link from /home/httpd/html/webinator/mydb to
and tried getting to it via ... ch?db=mydb

Still no go.

How do I do this then?
My web server (html, htdocs) is under /home/httpd/html/

but I want my Db under /index because that is where we put lots of big
RAID disks.

How can I search a database that is there?



alternate Db problem

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 1998 2:41 pm
by Thunderstone

The default script expects all databases to be under the webinator
directory. You then use a db name that is relative to that.
If you've customized the <db=...> statement, also customize the
<$defaultdir=...> as indicated in the comments in the script.

The soft link you created should work once you setup the script correctly.
Or you could customize the script to expect all of it's databases elsewhere
by, again, modifying <db=...> and <$defaultdir=...>.